Viking Lotto UK

A joint lottery between the countries Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark, Viking Lotto has been offering impressive jackpots since 1993. Also known by some as the Wednesday Lotto, Viking lotto draws take place every Wednesday evening. Interestingly, the main jackpot is a common jackpot, while the lower prizes are all nationally or locally decided, making for an interesting style of lotto game.

To play this lottery, players must choose 6 numbers out of possible 48 numbers. The main prize which is often the star attraction of the online lottery can be won if all 6 numbers on a player’s ticket match up with the 6 numbers that are drawn. For fewer correct numbers, smaller prizes will be awarded to the player.

Big Viking Lotto Wins

As with many other online lotteries, Viking Lotto also offers bonus balls which players can pick from. These bonus balls just give extra opportunities for players to win some attractive prizes. In terms of picking the numbers for your Viking Lotto ticket, players can let the computer do this for them. Of course, for those players who like to consider themselves more of an expert, or who like to try and apply some skill to the whole game, it is possible to pick all of your own numbers. These might be based on your favourite numbers, or on numbers that are feeling lucky on a particular day.

A great thing about Viking Lotto online is that it is quite simple to look back at previous draws, and look critically at the numbers that have been coming up. If you feel like you are starting to see a pattern, you might like to put these predictions into practice. Of course, each draw is completely random so that game really does just come down to chance.

Top Sites for Viking Lotto

There are numerous sites where online players can get a ticket for Viking lotto. However, it is highly recommended that players get a ticket from the most trusted sites and from lottery sites that are well respected in the industry. In order to identify some of the best sites, have a look on

Our team has tested a whole number of online sites that sell Viking lotto tickets and have provided links to the sites that we feel are the very best. Getting a ticket from any of these sites is really easy. These sites also offer safe and secure transactions, so players don’t have to be concerned about their details getting into the wrong hands. If the Viking jackpot is getting bigger and bigger, players should try their luck and see if they might be able to win that big jackpot. Of course, even if you aren’t able to get all 6 numbers correct, the smaller prizes are still very worthwhile.

Use your Android, iPhone, iPad or other preferred smartphone or tablet and enjoy everything the Viking Lotto has to offer today!

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