Powerball UK Style

Powerball is the biggest lottery game in the world and is based in the United States of America. To physically buy a ticket and then claim your prize you need to be an American citizen, but luckily for today’s British players, online connectivity means they don’t have to miss out on any of the action. You can play the game in exactly the same way with exactly the same huge cash rewards online from anywhere using your mobile device, and we’ve listed all the best options for you right here at MobileLottoUK.co.uk.

Powerball For UK Players

By choosing to play online, Powerball UK players are opening up a whole world of opportunities that land-based US players don’t have while accessing the same game. Of course, the convenience factor of being able to buy tickets wherever and whenever they want is huge, and their winnings are also tax-free. Depending on which state they’re playing in and how they choose to claim their payouts, Americans can be taxed up to 50% on their winnings.

Most of the sites we showcase here at MobileLottoUK.co.uk offer special deals and promotions to players, like being able to win double the Jackpot amount in certain situations, which can really boost your takings and are often not available to United States players. They also often give 100% money-back guarantees on a player’s first round of tickets, which is a great way to get your Powerball feet wet.

It’s much easier to stay anonymous when playing Powerball in Britain rather than America as well. Out cousins on the other side of the pond can’t keep their identities from the media, because of certain Freedom-of-the-Press and Public-Record-access laws. This isn’t the case in England, and if you want to keep your winnings secret it’s easily done here.

For many Powerball UK players, the sense of community that playing online can bring is one of its biggest positive factors. You can connect with like-minded individuals and discuss odds, and use the other tools and resources online to help you win more. Playing this way can connect you with more people in more ways than buying tickets from a store can.

How The Game Works

Powerball involves 2 drums, holding 69 white balls and 26 red balls respectively. The red balls are known as Power Balls and give the game its name. Players need to select 5 numbers to be drawn from the drum of white balls and 1 Powerball number to be drawn from the red balls, or they can let the machine choose the numbers for them if they’re feeling lucky!

The order of the numbers that are chosen by you doesn’t matter. When the winning balls are drawn from the barrels they’re put into numerical rank, and your corresponding numerals will help you to win no matter what sequence they’re in. The Jackpot in a Powerball game is paid out when a player’s ticket matches all drawn white balls and the red Power Ball, but this is by no means the only winning combination in this generous game. With online Powerball UK players are paid out different amounts for any amount of matching white balls as long as the red ball is included, for getting at least 3 white ball numbers without a Powerball and for predicting just the red ball on its own. You’ve got good chances of winning something, without even having to interrupt your day, so try some of our showcased mobile sites now!

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