Playing the National Lotto

There is no doubt that the national lotto offers some quite amazing jackpots to all players. Just look at for details about the value of the current jackpot for each draw, and you will notice that this prize is always quite sizable. Getting a ticket for the national lotto is really quite simple for all UK players.

The easiest way to do this is directly from the screen of your mobile device. Have a look on our site for links to all the places where you can get a ticket for the next draw. If you are a player looking for just a once off the ticket, then follow the prompts as they are presented to you on your screen. This will include choosing which numbers you would like on your ticket for the next draw. However, if you are a player that likes to purchase tickets on a consistent basis, then you will be better off by creating an account for yourself.

The registration process is really quite simple, and will certainly save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. For instance, you will not have to enter in your credit card details each and every time that you purchase a lotto ticket. All of this information is saved for you. In this way, players can focus more on the numbers they want on their ticket, rather than on the whole process around getting that ticket.

Numbers for National Lotto

The national lotto offers Friday night and Wednesday evening games, both with very enticing jackpots every week. Players should remember that the smaller prizes are also very attractive, especially if you are just missing one or two numbers for instance. With jackpots that are always changing for every draw, it is a good idea to keep referring to for details about what the current jackpots are.

In terms of picking numbers for your ticket, players can let the computer randomly select numbers for them. However, many players will prefer to pick these numbers themselves. In this way, players can make sure that all of their lucky numbers are picked. The great thing is that players are able to stick with the exact same numbers for every draw, or otherwise change numbers for each draw. The choice is completely up to the player. A great feature when deciding on what numbers to pick is to look at the historical national lotto numbers. If you think you can pick up a pattern, why not go for one of those numbers. Remember, though, that each draw is completely random.

Get a National Lotto Ticket

The top sites typically offer a number of different payment options for players to get a national lotto ticket. For details about these sites, just refer to The site has tried and tested a whole number of online lotto sites to ensure that players are only making use of legitimate sites. Whether you use your credit card or debit card details to purchase a lottery ticket or another option like PayPal, in most cases the process is really quite straightforward.

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