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The UK National Lottery is the main source of lottery play for UK-based citizens and is owned and run by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. Players must be 16 years or older to participate in lottery games, and must reside physically in either the UK or the Isle of Man.

The UK’s first national lottery was held in 1569. For a few years, the practice died out but was reinstated as an annual event between the years of 1750 and 1826. The current UK National Lottery was launched in November of 1994 and is unique among many other European lottery systems as it is operated by a private company rather than the state, as it is run by Camelot Group Plc, who holds the national UK lottery license.

National Lottery Games

The games offered by the National Lottery include popular additions like Thunderball, Euromillions and HotPicks, as well as standard Lotto and Lotto Raffle games. The total prize pools for the main lotto game and Lotto Raffle are calculated as a percentage of the total costs of the tickets sold for a specific draw in each game, and these percentages are 42.47% and 5.03%, respectively. There are 6 main prize divisions in the National Lottery, depending on how many matching numbers are present on their lotto tickets.

Also available is a number of UK-based independent lottery ticket sales sites that allow players to play a selection of global lottery games from the UK.

UK Mobile Lotto Games

As technology has advanced, the UK National Lottery has made it possible to play mobile lotto, as well as providing mobile-based services such as checking lotto results and saving numbers to check at a later stage. provides UK lottery players with helpful information as to where they can buy online lottery tickets for their mobile phones and more information about the games offered by the National Lottery and independent lottery ticket sales sites, as well as further details about upcoming lotto jackpots and prize breakdowns.

Lotto Mobile App

The National Lottery has created an official mobile app that is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile operating systems. This app allows mobile lotto players to play draw-based lottery games and check draw results on the move simply by logging on to the website from their mobile phones using their National Lottery usernames and passwords. Lottery tickets can also be purchased using this app, and the app will automatically save and transfer players’ chosen numbers to their mobile pay slips. Players can visit to learn more about how to buy UK mobile lotto tickets from their mobile phones, as well as discover all the additional features on offer.

Independent Lottery Ticket Sites

There are also a number of independent lottery ticket sales services that may be based in the UK or overseas. These mobile sites allow UK players to play international lotteries from across the globe with a number of UK-friendly payment methods and the ability to pay for mobile lotto tickets in GBP£. has information on all the most reliable mobile sites at which players can play international lotteries while their personal and financial details remain safe and secure.

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