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Keno games and Lotto games both give great online entertainment, so it’s a match made in heaven when they come together on 1 site. We know that the busy British players of today need to be able to take their fun with them, and need to be able to find the best games quickly and easily. To help you with this, we’ve brought all the finest options offering these games and others together for you here at and have given you some playing guidelines as well. If you want to get your Keno adventures off to a good start, read on below.

Essential Game Principles

Keno works the same if played offline or online, and requires players to choose a series of numbers from a pool of 80. In land-based games, numbers are on balls that are drawn once all players are ready. If the drawn numbers match the ones on your ticket, you’ll win a payout. When you play online, you choose numbers in the same way, and the winning ones are determined using Random Number Generation to ensure total fairness.

Payouts are calculated according to how many of the generated numbers match those that you selected, how many other winning tickets there are in the game and how much you originally bet. The game is quite nuanced, and there are no 2 matches alike. The options listed on all have their own rules and their own House Edges, and you’ll enjoy checking them all out with ease on your mobile device. Playing online is usually cheaper, and tends to pay out more and offer more frequent bonuses to entice you. You’ll be a winner on every level and in every way!

Strategic Points for Playing Keno

The factor that influences this game most is the chance, and your biggest thrills will come from deciding on your numbers and then waiting to see if you’ve won. With the number pool as big as it is, payouts are quite rare but when they do occur they’re very impressive. There are also a few tricks and tips that can help you keep the odds in your favour. Being able to play from anywhere on your mobile device will give you plenty of opportunities to practice and refine these.

One of the most basic rules of thumb is to always wager as much as possible, so that when you do win you’ll be paid out more. There’s another good advice to be found online, but it’s just as important to avoid the bad advice. Stay on your toes and think things over carefully before you risk any money. Use the no-deposit Free Play mode that most of the sites listed on allow for Keno games to try every suggestion out. For example, some sites or chatrooms might suggest buying multiple tickets as a way to boost your winning chances. However, since every payout is based on the numbers on each distinct ticket, this actually doesn’t work. Keep your wits about you as you’re playing to ensure you don’t get burned!

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