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The team at has done research into the best ways to play free lotto games, and this information is all available for player’s right here. Of course, you might be a little sceptical about whether free lotto games are as the name suggests, and whether there are any catches involved. Different sites will offer these free games or free tickets to players for a number of different reasons. It all really depends on the site that you visit, and what type of thing the site is hoping to get in exchange for giving out a free valid lottery ticket. Some sites have paid to advertise on their webpage, and this is how they are able to generate an income.

By giving free lotto tickets to players, they are able to generate higher traffic volumes to their site, and advertisers are willing to pay more for higher traffic volumes. Of course, other sites will go about it in a slightly different way, and might ask you to create an account, or to sign up with them by entering in some of your details.  Whatever the case, players are always advised to make sure the free games are legitimate and are available from licensed or registered sites.

Information Free Lotto Games

By browsing around on the internet, players will find a whole variety of sites that advertise free lotto games. If this is the first time you are going about it, it can be a little tricky knowing which sites to trust. Fortunately, has done the hard work for all players and provides valuable information on the best places to go to get hold of free lotto games. Players are able to just browse around the site, and easily follow links to sites that offer free lotto tickets. Importantly, these links, as well as other bonus deals or specials, are constantly updated. As such, all the information that players find on the site is current information.

Choose Top Free Lotto Games

There is no doubt that UK players are spoilt for choice in terms of how many lottery games are available to them. Players can get tickets for local or national lotteries, but also for many of the Europe-wide lotto games. Just by looking at, players will find links to all of the different lottery alternatives that are on offer.

Players will also be able to find details about free lotto games. For players deciding which lottery they would like to play, consider all of the factors. Of course, the size of the jackpot is one of the first things that players will look at. However, it might be a good idea to also consider the value of the lower prizes. Look at how many numbers you have to choose on your ticket, as well as whether there are any bonus or extra balls, as this may affect what the probably is of a player winning the jackpot. Most of the top lotteries provide the option for a computer to randomly choose numbers for your lottery ticket, but also allows players to pick their own numbers.

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