Euro Jackpot Lottery Prizes

Launched in 2012, the Euro Jackpot Lottery is a European-wide lottery that offers some quite amazing jackpots. Have a look at for details about the current jackpot, and also for quick and easy ways to get your hands on a lottery ticket. There are a number of countries that participate in this lottery, and these include Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Norway and Sweden.

When playing the Euro Jackpot Lottery, players have to try and correctly predict 5 numbers from the 50 that they can choose from, as well as 2 extra numbers picked from a possible 10 numbers. Based on the number options and how the prizes have been structured, there are 12 different possible levels of prizes that can be won. As you will see on our site, the draw takes place every Friday night at 21h00 EET. Players will often see that there is a countdown timer provided on many of the sites where you can get ticket for the draw. Keep and eye on this timer, and make sure you get your ticket before the draw takes place.

Safe Transactions for the Euro Jackpot Lottery provides some good information about which sites players can go to in order to purchase Euro Jackpot Lottery tickets. When picking a site to purchase your Euro Jackpot Lottery ticket, make sure that the site is licensed. Fortunately, has actually tried and tested a whole number of these lottery sites, and has made sure that players are safe when they purchase lotto tickets. If you are a new player in particular, as long as you go through our site to one of the online lottery sites that we have listed, you can rest assured that your personal information will remain safe. These sites will have a whole range of safety and security features in place, making sure that your financial information remains secure.

Euro Jackpot Lottery Quickpick

You can use to find a site where players are able to look back at the Euro Jackpot Lottery results. Find out what numbers have been coming up regularly, and use these to guide your choice of numbers for your next ticket. Pay attention to the 5 main numbers, but also have a look at which extra numbers are coming up regularly. Of course, you might be a player who just likes to let luck decide what numbers appear on your next ticket, and if this is the case, then the Quickpick feature will be very useful to you.

Our site will give links to other sites where you can get tickets for the Euro Jackpot Lottery, and also give you details about the value of the next jackpot. Because there are a number of countries involved in this lottery, the jackpots on offer are very often much larger than might be available with other national lotteries. This should be incentive enough to attract players to purchase another lottery ticket without delay, and to get in with a chance of taking home the next big jackpot.

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